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The biggest dinosaur manufacturer in China.
1. We have 4 production plant to manufacture dinosaurs.
2. Our workers are long-term contracted employees. Anytime you come to our company, you could see the dinosaur making process.
3. The most professional engineer and great company strength make us have enough ability to handle large project.
4. We made dinosaurs in stock for customer’s selection.


2.Personal Tailor

We can tailor our design to meet your request for product’s shape, color, movement, material quality and accessory.


3.Quality Focus

We firmly believe that quality is the life of the enterprise. From reasonable design to superior material, from careful construction to attentive assembling, therefore, every step is under our control.


4.Professional Team

From original design to installment, a professional team is arranged for your product, let you experience the real lighthearted service whole journey.


5.Intallation Team

Install and debug at site. show you the moving dinosaurs. 1. All of our installation team workers had electrician certificate. 2. Through periodically training to improve the operation ability. 3. Have many years overseas installation experience.



We are supplying service, not just the products. We successfully supplied creativity, plan, design, operation and promotion of dinosaur project for theme park, amusement park, tourist places, shopping mall and other indoor/outdoor venues.


7.After-sale Service

We will track your product whole journey and offer you soonest feedback so that the processing is clearly present for you. A professional team will be sent for you to assist to install after finishing product and at the same time repair the product in quality guarantee period at any time.